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How to Improve Your Google Rankings Without Taking Any Risks

Tools You Must Learn to Use For LinkedIn Marketing

How to Improve Your Google Rankings Without Taking Any Risks

Before you can begin LinkedIn marketing in Dubai, you’ll need to know how to use a few tools. Here are some of them: FindThatLead, eLink Pro, WeConnect, and Dux-Soup. These tools are designed to help you find customers and prospects. But how do you use them? Read on to learn more. Is LinkedIn Right for Your Business? Here are some tips to help you choose the right tool for your needs.


If you’re not a member of LinkedIn, then you may not know about the FindThatLead tools for LinkedIn marketing. This tool helps you search for LinkedIn contacts by name or email address. Moreover, it allows you to import a list of emails in bulk and search for them. Once you have collected the list, you can export it to your email sending tool, such as Woodpecker. After you’ve signed up with LinkedIn, you can access your dashboard and find contacts.

ELink Pro:

ELink Pro is a powerful LinkedIn marketing tool that can provide insights to improve your targeting and engagement. It offers direct recommendations, custom lists of profiles, and real-time data updates. You can also add extra functionality to your website with this tool. It also has an impressive list of insights to help you make decisions before starting a campaign.


One tool you need to master to automate your professional networking efforts is WeConnect. This cloud-based solution automates networking on LinkedIn, allowing you to set up several campaigns, engage with prospects, and track performance. WeConnect is designed for businesses and sales professionals and costs AED 49 per user per month. You’ll also be able to add additional users and monitor your campaigns all from one dashboard.


If you’re trying to boost your lead generation through LinkedIn, you should try using Dux-Soup. This tool makes it easy to target the right people for your campaigns. You can automate your lead generation, send messages at the right time, and close more deals with LinkedIn. There are several great features of Dux-Soup that you will want to check out. Listed below are some of its best features.

Sales flow:

Almost 70% of companies are present on LinkedIn. So, if you’re trying to attract more leads, you should learn how to use Sales flow to your advantage. This social media marketing tool is a great way to create personalized messages for potential clients. However, it is limited to LinkedIn campaigns. LeadIn offers multi-channel campaigns, an email finder, and a variety of customization features. Despite the benefits of using Salesflow, you’ll still want to read this review to know what it has to offer.