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Why should i buy a home appliance warranty?

Why should i buy a home appliance warranty?

Why should i buy a home appliance warranty?

We are increasingly filling up our homes with electrical and electronic appliances to make our lives easier, but what if something goes wrong with them? Are they then helping us, or just giving us a headache? A vacuum cleaner and washing machine may definitely help but if they break down, it can be an expensive affair.

What is a home appliance warranty?

A home electronics warranty allows you to cover the cost of replacing or repairing damaged or broken home appliances, including washing machines, garbage disposals, personal computers, home entertainment systems and other expensive items. It covers appliances that are not covered by general home insurance and are essential in extending the life of your appliance.

What are the benefits of a home appliance warranty?

Generally, home insurance policies will not cover appliances broken due to normal wear and tear, and manufacturers’ warranties usually expire after one to three years. This is where enrolling for a home appliance warranty allows you to extend the warranty period of your household appliances, so that they can be repaired or replaced at minimal or no cost.

Another major benefit of a home warranty contract is that you can get the coverage for an appliance without the discretion of the age, model and make of the appliance; as long as the item is in good working condition.

One thing to be kept in mind before buying an extended home appliance warranty is to weigh the benefits and cost of the warranty coverage versus the cost of replacing the appliance. There are some issues to consider before buying a home appliance warranty:

1. When you make a claim, extra costs may be incurred and your contract will outline details of these costs. You may also have to pay a Trade Service Call Fee to contractors who visit your home for assessing your appliance.

2. The number of items covered in such warranties is limited. Normally, you are allowed from three to eight items coverage, providing they are less than eight years old. For each additional item you add, you will have to pay a small premium.

Every appliance and every household is different, so weigh the pros and cons of everything you invest in. At the end of the day, it is important to have some insurance protection for your home appliances.